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The NADR scales of Justice and Science.

As a dispute resolution systems provider NADR seeks to strike a balance between the requirements of expert guidance and decision making, justice, fairness and impartiality. The NADR scales symbolise that balancing process. s1 Arbitration Act 1996 of England and Wales states that the object of arbitration is to obtain the fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal without unnecessary delay or expense and that the parties should be free to agree how their disputes are to be resolved without undue interference by the courts. s33 of the Act further requires that each party be afforded a reasonable opportunity to put his case and deal with that of his opponent. A fair resolution involves the tribunal in adopting procedures that avoid unnecessary delay and expense.

s1 Civil Procedure Rules 1998 of England and Wales defines justice in terms of equality between the parties and the expeditious settlement of disputes at a cost proportionate to the amount of money involved, the financial position of each party, and the importance and complexity of the dispute. Similar sentiments can be found in the law reports and legislatures from around the world. Mediation whilst currently unregulated by law in England and Wales must likewise be cost effective, fair and impartial if it is to serve any useful purpose.

The NADR scales are not held in the hand of a supreme being representing the majesty of the law. NADR is neither blindfolded nor all seeing. Justice under NADR is based on the co-operation of the parties and the professionalism and expertise of NADR's practitioners. NADR is a private company which provides a service to volunteers seeking a balanced alternative to the judicial systems of states. The scale is NADR's guarantee that NADR carefully weighs the competing needs of its clients on a finely honed fulcrum, to provide the fairest and most appropriate service possible in the light of all the circumstances surrounding each dispute submitted to it and the expectations of fairness of the parties involved in that dispute.

The NADR scales are technical in design symbolising the fact that NADR practitioners, drawn from social, commercial and industrial backgrounds, employ practical as well as legal expertise in the performance of their duties to clients.

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