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International disputes in general with specific reference to shipping cases. Last updated 28th November 2008.
by Corbett Haselgrove Spurin

International disputes in general with specific reference to shipping cases. Last updated 28th November 2008.
by Corbett Haselgrove Spurin

International disputes in general with specific reference to shipping cases. Last updated 6th November 2008.
by Corbett Haselgrove Spurin

International disputes in general with specific reference to shipping cases. Last updated 28th November 2008.
by Corbett Haselgrove Spurin

Adler v Dickson [1954] Int.Com.L.R. 10/29
Privity of contract - exclusion clauses - personal injury to passenger - liability of Captain in tort. CA. 29th October 1954
by Denning LJ; Jenkins LJ; Morris LJ; Crown Copyright

Armagas Ltd v Mundogas (The Ocean Frost) [1985] Int.Com.L.R. 05/22
Whether an individual (Vice President of Mundogas) had authority to fraudulently bind the company to a three year charterparty. It was a condition of purchase of the vessel that M charter-back for 3 years. When the charterparty market collapsed the company believing it was subject to a 1 year charter returned the vessel. Was there a breach of the 3 year charterparty? House of Lords. 22nd May 1985
by Lords Keith; Brandon; Templeman; Griffiths; Oliver. Parliamentary Copyright..

Brimnes, the Tenax Steamship Co v Brimnes, Owners of [1974] Int.Com.L.R. 05/23
Withdrawal of a vessel under a time charterparty. Late payment of hire. CA. 23rd May 1974.
by Edmund Davies LJ; Megaw LJ; Cairns LJ. Crown Copyright

Bunge Corporation (New York) v Tradax Export SA (Panama) [1981] APP.L.R. 02/25
Appeal point of law AA 1950 : GAFTA arbitration appealed via GAFTA Board to CA & HL. Interpretation of contract terms and conditions. House of Lords. 25th February 1981.
by Lords Wilberforce ; Fraser ; Scarman ; Lowry ; Roskill. Crown Copyright

Butler Machine Tool Co Ltd. v Ex-Cell-O Corp (England) Ltd. [1977] Int.Com.L.R. 04/25
Battle of the forms : whether or not a price variation provision incorporated into the contract. CA 25th April 1977.
by Lord Denning MR; Lawton LJ; Bridge LJ. Crown Copyright

C Czarnikow Ltd v Koufos (The Heron II) [1967] Int.Com.L.R. 10/17
Deviation : liability for fall in market price of cargo of sugar that took place during the extended period of the voyage. House of Lords. 17th October 1967
by Lords Reid; Morris; Hodson; Pearce; Upjohn. Parliamentary Copyright

Century Insurance Co Ltd v Northern Ireland Road Transport Board [1942] APP.L.R. 03/04
Case stated : Insurance claim employee smoked whilst delivering petrol explosion : whether act in course of employment. Case stated by arbitral panel. House of Lords. 4th March 1942.
by Lord Chancellor, Lords Wright, Romer; Porter. Crown Copyright

Entores Ltd v Miles Far East Corporation [1955] APP.L.R. 05/17
Contract concluded by telex : where and when is a contract concluded when electronic communications are used ? Held : Where received - in this case London, so English Law applied - consent to issue writ out of jurisdiction. CA. 17th May 1955.
by Denning LJ; Birkett LJ; Parker LJ. Crown Copyright

Gustavus Couturier v Robert Hastie [1856] Int.Com.L.R. 06/26
C&F sale of goods : Loss or destruction of cargo prior to sale : passing of property and risk. Pre s6/7 SOGA 1893. 26th June 1856.
by Barons Alderson ; Martin & Bramwell , Mr. Justices Wightman, Creswell, Erle, Williams, Crompton, Willes. Parliamentary Copyright

Hong Kong Fir Shipping Co Ltd v Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd [1961] Int.Com.L.R. 12/20
Vessel was held to be unseaworthy due to insufficiency of engine crew : vessel was off hire for extensive periods for repair arising out of inexperience of the crew. Was the charter frustrated? Held no : did not deprive charter of its purpose. Was a serious and extended breach of unseaworthiness a breach of condition? Held NO : Innominate term in the circumstances charter retained value and in addition charterer had option to extend charter by the off hire periods. CA 20th December 1961
by Sellers LJ; Upjohn LJ; Diplock LJ. Crown Copyright

Leigh & Sillivan Ltd v Aliakmon Shipping Co Ltd (The Aliakmon) [1985] Int.Com.L.R. 04/24
Liability of a carrier to a shipper in bailment & tort : Liability of carrier for rusted cargo to purchaser in tort where property did not pass by virtue of the Bill of Lading under s1 BLA 1855. House of Lords. 24th April 1985
by Lords Keith; Brandon; Brightman; Griffiths; Ackner Parliamentary Copyright

Maredelanto Compania Naviera SA v Bergbau-Handel GmbH (The Mihalis Angelos) [1970] Int.Com.L.R. 07/01
Anticipatory repudiatory breach of contract - charterparty - assessment of damages. CA. 1st July 1970.
by Lord Denning MR; Edmund Davies LJ; Megaw LJ. Crown Copyright

National Carriers Ltd v Panalpina (Northern) Ltd [1980] Int.Com.L.R. 12/11
Frustration and force majeure. House of Lords. 11th December 1980
by Lord Chancellor ; Lords Wilberforce; Simon; Russell; Roskill. Parliamentary Copyright

New Zealand Shipping v Satterthwaite Ltd : The Eurymedon [1974] Int.Com.L.R. 02/25
Privity of contract : exclusion clauses - agency - liability of stevedores. Privy Council 25th February 1974
by Lords Wilberforce; Hodson; Simon; Salmon; Viscount Dilhorne. Crown Copyright

Photo Production Ltd v Securicor Transport Ltd [1980] Int.Com.L.R. 02/14
Validity of an exclusion clause reasonableness fundamental breach. House of Lords. 14th February 1980.
by Lords Wilberforce; Diplock; Salmon; Keith; Scarman. Parliamentary Copyright

Ronaasen & Son v Arcos Ltd [1933] APP.L.R. 02/02
Arbitration : Case stated : Whether goods (staves) complied with the description or not and thus whether or not the buyer could reject. Held : Sufficient deviation from description to justify a finding of non-compliance. House of Lords. 2nd February 1933
by Lords Buckmaster. Blanesburgh. Warrington. Atkin. Macmillan. Crown Copyright

Schuler AG v Wickman Machine Tools Ltd [1973] APP.L.R. 04/04
Whether term a condition breach of which giving rise to a right to repudiation. House of Lords 4th April 1973.
by Lords Reid; Morris; Wilberforce; Simon; Kilbrandon; Parliamentary Copyright

Scruttons Ltd v Midland Silicones [1961] Int.Com.L.R. 12/06
Cargo damaged during loading : Charterparty claimed to exclude liability of servants and agents of carrier. Application of the Doctrine of Privity of Contract : Held : Stevedores not privy to the contract and thus not able to take advantage of the exclusion clause and accordingly liable in tort for the damage caused to the cargo. House of Lords 6th December 1961
by Viscount Simonds ; Lords Reid; Keith; Denning; Morris. Parliamentary Copyright

WJ Alan & Company Ltd v El Nasr Export & Import Co [1972] Int.Com.L.R. 02/03
Letters of Credit : Variation of terms regarding currency. CA. 3rd February 1972.
by Lord Denning) Megan LJ; Stephenson LJ. Crown Copyright

WN Hillas & Co Ltd v Arcos Ltd [1932] Int.Com.L.R. 07/05
Essential terms required to constitute a valid enforceable contract : adequate and final description of the subject matter. House of Lords. 5th July 1932
by Lords Tomlin, Warrigton of Clyffe, Thankerton. Macmillan; Wright. Parliamentary Copyright

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